To begin my first blog post for this page, I’d just like to begin by saying: I hate school, BUT I get to go to school. We all, well some hold themselves to very high standards and we all have our different reasons for this but why then do teacher need to come along and make our lives even worse.

Whether we like it or not most people reading this are or have gone to school and learnt everything they’ve need to know. Believe it or not some people LiKe sChOoL– what a joke for me. The only appealing part is meeting friends everyday and chatting absolute s***, and I am actually grateful for that since I know some people don’t have that person that they can go to for everything and be completely themselves.

Just a tip: love that person and treasure your true friendships- and if you know it’s toxic, get out ASAP before you feel even worse later on

Now, back to what I’ve been avoiding: GCSEs, there, I’ve said it. If you’re in year 10 (UK), START REVISING after you’ve read this post, and if you’re in year 11, get your ass up and START REVISING NOW. People may tell you otherwise but I’m telling you this, it’s not too late, whether you’ve got a year left or a week, just do it and don’t give up so easily. Of course it’s going to be tough, especially of you’ve left it till the last minute, but you’ve made that decision to procrastinate so now you’ve got to make up for it!

I definitely can’t say I’m not a procrastinator, it’s actually atrocious, but, what can you do? I’ll tell you what- work hard. Whatever you do in your life, work hard in it. Whether you like it or not, work hard.

So, i’ll leave you on that note, but you may have tried to work hard but not gotten great results. Guess what I’m about to say… WORK HARD AGAIN! It’ll pay off later down the line and prove to yourself what you are capable of, because at the end of the day, if you don’t believe in and are motivated in yourself, no one else can do that for you. No one else can fill that mentality.

So go, flyyyyyy and achieve what you know you can.

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