A Typical Day

Sooo guys, today’s (post) is a quick one just to show you a bit more about my life and something a bit more relaxed the yesterday’s one… https://johanna.game.blog/2019/03/06/gcsesgcsesgcses/if you haven’t read it already make sure you do for a bit if mid-week motivation and let me know if it helps. Let’s get into it!

7.00: Wake up

7.30:Get dressed, eat breakfast etc.

8.00:Leave for the bus

8.30:Get to school


3.30:Leave school

4.00: CHILLLLLLL/eattttt (my favourite part)

5.00-7.30: any extra work that needs to get done

8.00: chillll AGAINNNN

9.30: start getting ready for bed


My life is literally work eat work sleep repeat at the moment so i’m soo excited for the upcoming holidays- especially summer!

Give this post a life if you’re also excited and be sure to comment your own routine and if it’s similar or different

-love from jo

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