How are YOU feeling?

Today, I was talking to my friend where we began to talk about our chosen A-levels. [if you don’t know what they are, they are essentially the qualifications after GCSEs that get you into university.

We thought about our choices and if we genuinely loved and were passionate about them– to be honest we weren’t quite sure and felt that we just went with the flow of things rather than actually debating with ourselves if we were ready to focus the rest of our education and careers on these aspects.

We went with what we thought we would like and what made sense due to our highest grades in those subjects without challenging ourselves to see what we actually wanted to do in the future…

I really am intrigued to see how you guys have chosen subjects for any level of school, how you would have made that decision and if you regret anything.

so be sure to like, share and comment for more…

-love from jo

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