it’s okay to not be okay. +GUYSSS! mAjOr UpDaTe!!

SOOO... I KNOWW I've not been quite active for about a week or twooo and I could go on about what's happened and different distractions in my life BUT there's not much point in that. Then again I feel like getting this off of my chest. Sometimes it's okay to not be okay. Sometimes you … Continue reading it’s okay to not be okay. +GUYSSS! mAjOr UpDaTe!!

How are YOU feeling?

Today, I was talking to my friend where we began to talk about our chosen A-levels. [if you don't know what they are, they are essentially the qualifications after GCSEs that get you into university. We thought about our choices and if we genuinely loved and were passionate about them-- to be honest we weren't … Continue reading How are YOU feeling?