it’s okay to not be okay. +GUYSSS! mAjOr UpDaTe!!


I KNOWW I’ve not been quite active for about a week or twooo and I could go on about what’s happened and different distractions in my life BUT there’s not much point in that.

Then again I feel like getting this off of my chest.

Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.

Sometimes you don’t always get the result you are expecting. And that’s okayy

Someone once told me (as cheesy as it sounds) would your situation really be as stressful next week, or next year, or even on your death bed? Because to be honest you can’t be unnecessarily wasting the little time you have on this earth worrying about what won’t kill you.

Is it really that important or are you sweating over the small stuff. I know i have and in some cases still are but you just have to do what you gotta do with confidence and push through.

Stay strong and carry on;)

xox johanna

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